PAE ‘s Antony and Cleopatra actor Enrique Eduardo Andrade

Greetings one and all, and happy Wednesday!  Today Portland Actors Ensemble brings you an interview with the delightful Antony and Cleopatra actor, Enrique Eduardo Andrade.  Antony and Cleopatra is part of PAE’s 2014 free summer Shakespeare in the Parks productions.  When you hear Enrique speak during the performance, his voice might sound familiar–that’s because when he is not out performing with PAE’s Shakespeare in the Parks, he is the Spanish-speaking voice for the MAX!  Today Enrique tells us about his experience of working on this show.

(Athena McElrath--AM) Who are your characters in the play of Antony and 

(Enrique E. Andrade--EA) Mardian: Egyptian Eunuch, powerful in the court of Cleopatra. 
He knows all the secrets, he knows how the money flows. 

Menacrates: Greek Pirate under the employment of Pompey. 

(AM) How did you prepare for your roles?

(EA) Elizabeth Huffman had the cast watch two shows, 1) Rome, and 2) Game of Thrones. 
Mardian is a combination of Lord Varys and other Slaves/Eunuchs. On a personal level, I
try to use personal experiences of the present to guide the choices of my characters. For 
Menacrates I envision Captain Jack Sparrow and Zorba the Greek, very fun. 

(AM) How did you explore your characters in rehearsals?

(EA) It is all about the relationships, and the attachments the character has in the specific 
scene. Elizabeth is a masterful director who allows us to see what is hidden beneath the 
speeches and the words. 

(AM) What is your favorite moment in the play and why?

(EA) I think it is the moment Mardian "betrays" Cleopatra towards the end of the second act. 
There is so much tension and drama in that scene. It is an absolute delight to explore that
with the talented Andrea White who plays Cleopatra. 

(AM) What was your favorite experience working on this show?

(EA) I thoroughly enjoy working with Elizabeth; she is very intense and ambitious and 
one has to respect that of her directing style. Getting to know the amazing people that 
work so generously to bring this seductive story to life. 

(AM) What do you hope the audience takes away from this production?

(EA) Well, this a cautionary tale about hubris and love. A love so powerful like this one 
between Antony and Cleopatra invites the audience to reflect on how peaceful their normal lives are. 

(AM) What and when was your first encounter in your life with Shakespeare?

(EA) In High-school senior year English Poetry. We read the Scottish Play and went to see 
a live performance of Hamlet in San Francisco. I was entranced and seduced by the words. 

(AM) Is there anything else you'd like to add that I've not asked? Please do so!

(EA) This adaptation of the Antony & Cleopatra tragedy is a masterful exploration about
the concept of "Conquest" in its deepest forms. Conquest of the heart, conquest of people, 
and conquest of "the other," which is pertinent to explore as the USA considers its own 
hegemony over the world.

Thank you so much, Enrique!

More Antony and Cleopatra Cleo Chat interviews from PAE coming up soon!

You can find our show schedule for Portland Actors Ensemble’s Antony and Cleopatra here–please join us and see this free production that runs June 19th through July 26th.

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