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There are many opportunities to become involved with PAE.

Spread the word

That Portland has a 50-year tradition of Shakespeare-in-the-Parks should not be a secret.  Help us ensure that everyone knows that they are invited to enjoy free theatre during the beautiful Northwest summer.  Encourage your friends to come to the show with you. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, and invite your friends to do the same.  Share our blog posts. Sign up for the newsletter (bottom of the home page) to get the latest news.  Call your mom and invite her to the show.  (Really, shouldn’t you call your mom anyway?  How long has it been?)


Much of the work of PAE is done by volunteers who believe that free Classical Theater is worth some of their time.  Our board of directors, staff, talented contributors, and some wonderful photographers all volunteer to help make PAE work.  If you have talents and want to help, we would love to talk to you!  Even something as simple as ushering at a performance, assisting with marketing or social media  is greatly apreciated.  Visit, and we would be happy to put you to work.


Shaping the Future of Free Classical Theater in the Portland Area

Portland Actors Ensemble is excited to embark on a strategic planning process to propel our mission past our 50th season of providing Shakespeare-in-the-Parks productions to Portland area audiences, as we deepen our commitment to quality productions of classical theater. As part of this process, we are reaching out to our audiences, donors, sponsors, community leaders, theatre peers, and actors, to help us better define our mission and niche in the rich Portland cultural landscape. By measuring our strengths and weaknesses against our mission, we will set clear goals and define strategies to reach them. All of this is to better serve our audiences and further enhance the rich cultural landscape of our area, now and into the future.

Join our Board of Directors

PAE would not exist without the dedicated community members on our board who believe in our mission of accessible, classical theatre, and are willing to donate their time, talents, and treasures to that mission. Our Board of Directors oversee the operation of PAE, advocate on behalf of PAE, use their expertise in service of PAE, and provide the resources necessary for the achievement of the mission through contributing financially or finding individuals who are willing to contribute. The board appoints and supervises the staff but is not immediately responsible for day-to-day operations, although many board members often volunteer for such duties.  The board gets together 8-10 times per year for meetings and on multiple other occasions such as the company picnic, first reads, final dress rehearsals, and wrap parties where they get to be a part of the fun that takes place behind the scenes. This board will also have the honor of participating in the strategic planning process that will shape the future of free Shakespeare in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. It is an exciting time to be a part of the board!  If you might be interested in board membership, we would love to speak with you about it.  Contact us at See current Board of Directors and other contributors.


Auditions for our 2020 Summer Season will likely be held in January – March of 2020. Sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on twitter, facebook or the RSS feed for our site on the home page to stay informed of all the latest news and happenings, including any public auditions.




If there is someone you know who you think would be interested in supporting our Shakespeare-in-the-Parks productions, please let us know by email at  Whether they are potential business partners, sponsors, donors, or Friends of PAE, we would love to talk with them. Perhaps you could introduce us?

Visit our Support Page to find out how you can make a difference without even trying! Just by doing your everyday shopping you can raise valuable funds to help keep Shakespeare FREE for Portland.