The Tragedie of King Lear in Lone Fir Cemetery

15th Annual Twilight Tragedie - Thursday-Sunday, July 11th through August 4th

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The Tragedie of King Lear.  In the Summer of 2019, see it as never before, among the tombstones at twilight in Lone Fir Cemetery. All performances are free to the public, and depend greatly upon free-will audience donations. Runs July 11th-August 4th, Thursday-Sunday evenings at 7 PM in the heart of Lone Fir Cemetery


King Lear – Jim Butterfield
The Fool – Isabella Buckner
Goneril – Paige McKinney
Regan – Jill Westerby
Cordelia – Sam Reiter
Gloucester – Gary Powell
Edgar – Mickey Jordan
Edmund – Nik Horaites
Kent – Shandi Muff
Albany – Sam Levi
Cornwall – John Bruner
Oswald – Kaia Maarja Hillier
Chorus – Howard Larson and Kieran Andrews

Production Team:

Director – Patrick Walsh
Costume Designer – Alana Wight
Set/Props Designer and Technical Director – Kyra Bishop Sanford
Sound Designer/Musician – Signe Larsen
Violence Design – Jacob Camp
Stage Management – Jenn Lindell
Assistant Stage Management – Lizzy Knight