A couple of very nice reviews for Antony & Cleopatra from the Willamette Week and Portland Stage Reviews.

Some highlights:

PSR: “[MattDiBiasio] is also very animated; using his body well to convey emotion.  Andrea White plays Cleopatra with a good blend of being both imperious and earthy. Octavian Caesar was well played by Josh Rice.”

“Anthony Green as Enobarbus and Josie Seid as the Soothsayer stood out among the uniformly excellent cast.”

“The costumes by Kate Schroeder are striking.”

“Wear warm clothes and don’t miss it!”

WW: “It’s great for the stage, but doesn’t seem like the best fit for the low budget and family audience of a Shakespeare-in-the-park production. All the more impressive, then, that Portland Actors Ensemble manages to convey most of the play’s emotional heft and cinematic scope within the confines of Laurelhurst Park.”

“…, the show belongs to Andrea White. As Cleopatra, she growls, cries and regally orates her way through a performance that would be epic in any setting.”


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Good Will for All!