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What should I bring?


When are auditions?

Do you need volunteers?

Where can I buy PAE gear?

Is it really free?

Is it kid-friendly?

What should I bring?

Our venues are usually out in the open air, and on the grass.  Bring the things you would bring for a long picnic; a blanket, a low chair, some food and drink, maybe sunscreen or bug spray, or anything else to make you comfortable.  Remember that, for evening performances, temperatures can drop rapidly, so you may want to bring a coat or a blanket.  Some of the best things to bring are friends and family!

Note that pets are not allowed in Lone Fir Cemetery.

Cemetery Rules (big ones are no pets or sitting on headstones): http://www.oregonmetro.gov/historic-cem…/visiting-cemeteries


Is it really free?

Great question! Our mission for 45 years has been to bring financially accessible, classical theatre to Portland communities in a variety of environments. Our productions do have a cost – for sets, actors, directors, and costumes – but we rely on generous donations from Friends of PAE, sponsorships from local businesses, foundation grants and yes, audience members who choose to support us at the shows or online. Donate now

Is it Kid-friendly?

All of our performances take place in public settings, so you won’t see anything that is inapproriate to be seen in public (nudity).  Any swearing was written over 400 years ago.

Our traveling production of The Taming of the Shrew is designed to be family-friendly.  While the play is about a strange, sometimes dysfunctional relationship, love wins out in the end.  There will be some kissing (ewww, yucky). We would probably rate it PG/PG-13-ish.

Macbeth, on the other hand, is a tragedy containing adult subject matter such as fighting, witchcraft, murder, and war. It would probably be rated PG-13.


What if it rains?

We hate to do so, but sometimes we do cancel or relocate a show or two due to weather.

The best way to get weather-related show news is by joining our email list (form at the bottom of home page portlandactors.com).  Cancellations or relocations are also posted on our blog and by Twitter and on our Facebook page (below). (Note that even if you “like” our Facebook page, Facebook shows you only a small fraction of what we post in your news feed.  So, be sure to activate “get notifications” under the “like” button at www.facebook.com/PortlandActorsEnsemble.)

However, our defaults are optimism and heartiness; we do not want to cancel a show based on a prediction that turns out to be wrong or over-react to a passing drizzle.  If it is safe and there is likely to be an audience, then on with the show!  On occasion, actors have performed in street clothes to avoid ruining costumes, or not used a painted set piece that got too slippery to be safe. On rare occasions, we are able to move a performance to an indoor location nearby.


When are actor auditions held for PAE?

Auditions are usually held in January or February for our summer productions.  Audition information will be available on our website, Facebook, and Twitter, and on pdxbackstage, a Yahoo group.

Do you need volunteers? How can I get involved with PAE?

We are always looking for great volunteers to help us with ushering, several aspects of productions, getting the word out about our shows, and inviting friends and neighbors to attend.  Drop us an email at volunteer@portlandactors.com if you could help us out.


Where can I buy PAE gear? I want a cool T-shirt!

There are several ways to support us by buying cool PAE swag.  You can buy a wide variety of PAE gear year-round at our CafePress store, and a portion of all sales goes to support free Shakespeare.  OR, you will receive a limited-edition, show-specific T-shirt for each $20 donation at any of our summer performances.


Who is on the PAE Board of Directors?

Enthusiastic community members who believe in our mission of financially-accessible, classical theatre volunteer their time and efforts to make sure that PAE has the resources it needs.  A variety of talents can be found on the board, and there is room for more.  The most important quality in a board member is enthusiasm for the mission, and a willingness to put in some effort to achieve it.  We are always recruiting people who fit that description!  Currently, we are especially recruiting for people with skills and connections in public relations, grantwriting, and accounting.  To find out more about being a part of PAE’s board, contact us at info@portlandactors.com and we would love to talk with you.