12th Annual Twilight Tragedie Opens June 25th, 2016

Volumnia (Allison Anderson) implores Coriolanus (Arthur Delaney) to destroy Aufidius (Ken Yoshikawa)

Photo by Gary Norman

Join us at Pettygrove Park in downtown Portland as Asae Dean returns to direct Coriolanus, a timely exploration of popular politics. All performances are free to the public, and depend greatly upon free-will audience donations. Runs June 25th-July 23rd, most Thursday-Saturday evenings at 7 PM (July 8th is at Marylhurst University at 6 PM instead of Pettygrove). Specific show dates and times are on the event calendar page (link below).

Cast and Crew:

Coriolanus              Arthur Delaney
Aufidius                  Ken Yoshikawa

Menenius               Curt Hanson

Volumnia                Allison Anderson

Sicinius                  Allison Rangel

Brutus                    Heidi Kay Hunter

Cominius                Samson Syharath

Titus Lartius            Mariel Sierra

Virgilia                    Tara Hershberger

First Citizen            Caitlin Nolan

Second Citizen       Alex Albrecht

Valeria                   Alicia Hueni

Director                  Asae Dean

Producer                Patrick J. Cox

Stage Manager       Valerie Lenz

Costumer               Summer Olsson

Music Director        Soren Gillaspy

Violence Designer   Kendall Wells

Poster by Katie Karman

More information to come…